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Our team consist of experienced personnel in the renewable energy, engineering and agriculture sectors.

Alongside our affiliation with world class manufactures and service providers of renewable energy systems we will ensure robust design, and successful delivery of alternative sustainable energy solutions.

Coupled with our experience in project management and technology resourcing, we will apply to the implementation process our vast knowledge experience, expertise and available resources to ensure success.

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<b>NUTech Ventures</b> is a very exclusive Venture Capital Group. Its remit is the sourcing of credible entities to license and commercialize the Intellectual Properties of the University of Nebraska (UNL), and numerous third party entrepreneurs in the Life and Physical Sciences Business Sectors. UNL develops more plant patents than any other university in the world. Leading-edge renewable energy solutions developed at the University of Nebraska will redefine our energy dependencies and keep the environment healthy. Nebraska researchers are building taller wind towers, improving electric grid design, and figuring out how to produce biofuels from agricultural waste and algae. The University of Nebraska and the Peter Kiewit Institute also house internationally recognized programs in architectural, civil, and construction engineering that are making our nation’s infrastructure safer for both humans and the environment. <b>VIASPACE Green Energy Inc.</b> globally markets its proprietary Giant King™ Grass as a high-yield, dedicated Biomass feedstock. This is utilised as a low carbon, renewable replacement for coal to generate electricity and heat, and as a non-food feedstock for second generation liquid biofuels, to replace fossil fuels such as gasoline and diesel.
Giant King Grass is low cost because of its extremely high yield and meets the cost targets of green energy applications. Electricity produced from burning Giant King Grass is one-fourth the cost of electricity from solar energy and half the cost of wind energy. Furthermore, Giant King Grass and other biomass power plants can operate 24 hours a day, whereas solar and wind produce electricity only when it is sunny or windy. <b>ComAp</b> is a dynamic international company with a solid reputation for delivering innovative electronic solutions to the power generation, industrial engine and equipment market. By providing customers with state-of-the-art products, ComAp has built a name for delivering excellent reliability and good value. Our portfolio of products, software and accessories is designed to support emergency power, standby power generation and engine driven applications all over the world. ComAp products represent some of the most reliable solutions on the market today. Every component and product undergoes the most rigorous standards during manufacture, with every stage being undertaken in accordance with international ISO 9001 certification. Access to quality reliable and affordable energy is critical for promoting economic and social development in rural areas. There is a realization of the need to search for decentralized and renewable energy-based options to meet the rural energy needs in a sustainable way. Among all the renewable energy sources, Biomass is the largest, most diverse and readily available resource. <b>Biogen3 Samoa Ltd.</b> is now able to offer a unique solution that will be the first of its kind in the Pacific Region. Utilizing several Bio Energy Technologies from respected Global Manufacturers, will allow for a sustainable energy systemto replace local diesel imports being used for power generation in many of these islands. <b>Emunite Fiscal Solutions</b> believe the key to a viable and successful economy is sustainable economic development. To achieve this, we will harness the collective expertise, innovation and investment capabilities that exist worldwide, thus realising our aim of contributing to the building of sustainable futures. We are driven by the ideology that today’s basic needs must be met without compromising or depriving the needs of tomorrow.  Therefore our focus pivots upon the integration of society’s needs, with a sustainable economy and optimal use and preservation of the environment. Emunite and its team of specialist advisors and associates have a breadth of experience in the key areas of economic development such as planning, corporate investment, two-way trade, recruitment of foreign direct investment and new technology development. Emunite is uniquely placed to foster, facilitate and participate in areas where, access to risk capital and developmental resources are needed to aid the growth of business enterprise. We are committed to dismantling the main barriers to economic growth in Africa, the Pacific and the Caribbean.
At <b>Cimbria Sket</b> we believe in a prosperous future for all. We believe in caring for the Earth and the limited resources, we have at our disposal. We believe in making the most of, what we have for now and for future generations. These are the driving forces behind our endeavours to further improve efficiency in grain handling and care for the environment. The company is a specialist in the fields of planning, design engineering and world-wide supply, erection and commissioning of equipment and complete plants for edible-oil industry and oleo chemistry. Starting with the processing of oil seeds for production of high-quality edible oils, fatty acids and glycerine, the range of performances furthermore includes plants for processing of vegetable oils and animal fats for the production of alternative fuel (biodiesel) from renewable resources. <b>Hengshui Decheng Machinery & Equipment Co.</b>, Ltd. was founded in 2008 It has 218 employees including and 53 technical staff, 3 senior engineers, 8 engineers and 42 workshop technicians. It production facility covers 30,000 sqm land, and incorporates a precision casting workshop and machining workshop, containing a full complement of production and test equipment. In 2008, DCI achieved ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certification. In early 2013, after on-site inspections and authentication by SGS, it became audited supplier of Made-in-China, and in May, 2013, it passed ISO/TS16949:2009 “casting and machining for automotive parts” Quality Management System Certification.<br><br>DCI utilises advanced technology and has a strong technical force, they can produce a great variety of products. DCI’S products are used in industries such as textiles, automotive & trucking, train, shipping, agricultural machinery, mining machinery, engineering machinery, petroleum machinery, construction, electronic and mechanical. Their products are made of different kinds of carbon steel, stainless steel, high temperature steel, cast aluminium, cast copper, etc. and are in compliance with standards such as GB, ASME, ANSI, DIN, NF, JIS, BS, AS, etc. <b>BiGchar Technology</b> has significant applications to waste management, energy production from wastes, charcoal production and the creation of substitutes for fossil fuels. BiGchar technologies can be used to manufacture many varieties of charcoal including Biochar, fuel charcoal and activated carbon. BiG has developed a technology to thermally process a wide range of biomass feedstock to charcoal and energy. Add on processes allow the product range to extend to torrefied biomass, char slurry fuels, activated carbon and electricity. BiG was established early in 2009 specifically to develop a fast pyrolysis process for the conversion of “waste biomass” (or perhaps we should say “under-utilized biomass resources”) to charcoal products. BiG commenced operations with the designing and patenting of a fast rotary hearth process to meet the need for on-site biomass charcoal production. <b>Chanderpur Works Pvt. Ltd.</b>  is a leading designer; manufacturer and supplier of Biomass Gasifiers, Coal Gasifiers and gasification based power plants for thermal and electrical applications. They manufacture thermal Gasifiers under Technical Collaboration with <b>TERI</b> (The Energy & Resource Institute, New Delhi). They have supplied more than 50 Gasifiers of different capacities for rural, industrial and urban projects. Chanderpur biomass gasifier technology is approved by The Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources (Government of India) and also tested & approved by The Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi and Mumbai. Chanderpur Works Pvt. Ltd. is now offering “CE” Marked Gasifiers.