Paramount to the development of any renewable energy/low carbon plan is to identify the needs of the Nation. Emunite Energy and its team of specialist advisors and associates have a breadth of experience and knowledge, in key areas of renewable energy/low carbon solutions strategic development and implementation.

We employ a two stage approach to the development and implementation of our renewable energy/low carbon plan:-

Stage 1: Technology needs assessment
The realisable benefit is a thorough understanding of energy requirements for the nation, the availability of appropriate technologies, and a clear understanding of the required technological requirements to deliver a renewable energy/low carbon plan.

Stage 2: Development of a renewable energy/low carbon plan
for implementation based on the outputs derived from the technology assessment. The realisable benefit will be the identification and planning of the pre-requisites to ensure successful implementation of a low carbon/renewable energy plan for the Island. In addition it will identify areas where local consumption of produced hydrocarbons can be reduced. Finally it will explore the revenue generation possibilities for the island in relation to the development and sale of carbon credits.